Keystone Exam Information

This communication is to inform you of the upcoming 2021-2022 Keystone Exams in Literature, Algebra I and Biology that will be administered to select students at South Park High School. You are receiving this communication because your child (name listed above) is enrolled in a course with a corresponding Keystone Exam.

The Keystone Exams are rapidly approaching. These exams are tests administered to every public  school student in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These exams are designed to be taken as an  end-of-course assessment in Algebra I, English and Biology in an effort to measure individual student mastery in the Pennsylvania Core Standards. For example, students typically take Biology during their  sophomore year of high school and will take the Biology Keystone Exam at the end of the course in  the spring semester. Any student who has not scored proficient or advanced on the Keystone Exams  will be scheduled, if possible, to retake the exam during the next Keystone Exam window.

These state standards are aligned with expectations for all students to be successful in post-secondary  educational settings and in the workplace. The overall student results on these exams also help to  evaluate the effectiveness of our school in these courses, as well as individual student achievement.  

We look at many factors for preparing students for these exams including curriculum adjustments and  remediation courses to help students achieve the highest scores possible on these exams. Another factor we believe impacts all students’ performance is their physical well-being. A good breakfast, getting the proper amount of rest and receiving supportive encouragement are integral to every student’s preparedness and focus during these exams.  

Students enrolled in Algebra I, a Keystone Algebra class, Biology and/or English 10 will take the  corresponding Keystone exam. Students who are enrolled in Algebra II or English 11 and did not earn  proficiency or above on a previous Keystone exam will also take the corresponding Keystone exam.

The 2022 Spring Keystone schedule is as follows: 

Literature: May 16 & 18
Algebra I: May 19 & 20
Biology: May 23 & 24
Make-Up Exams: May 25-27

Please click the link below to review resources provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Keystone Exam Smartphone & Electronic Devices Policy

Keystone Exam Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Guardians

Keystone Exam Calculator Policy

Keystone Exam Code of Conduct for Test-Takers

Please contact your child’s counselor if you have any questions about Keystone exams.

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