Prom 2021

When: Friday, May 7, 2021

Where: The Hilton Garden Inn at South Pointe, Canonsburg

Check in by 7:00 pm

Sit down dinner: 7:30-8:30 pm

Dancing: 8:30-10:30 pm

PROM RESERVATIONS AND CHECK COLLECTION:  SENIOR Prom reservations will be on Monday and Tuesday, April 12 and 13 and JUNIOR reservations will be Wednesday and Thursday, April 14 and 15.  Reservations will be taken during all 3 lunches as well as during HR and period 1 in room 214.  There will be no paper tickets this year. 

      This year each table at the prom will only have 6 people therefore, you cannot have more than 6 people at a table.  If you do not have a group of 6 people, you may be placed with another group to make up a table of 6.  The easiest way to purchase tickets is to select one responsible person from your group to collect money and all the required forms and purchase tickets for the entire group of 6.

      Before making reservations, please fill out the attached Table Form and include all checks for your group.  NO CASH!  CHECKS ONLY!

      All checks are made payable to:  SOUTH PARK HIGH SCHOOL.

      You MUST have a parent’s contact number and your date’s parent’s contact number on the Table Form paper when you make your prom reservation.

      Please turn in your Table Form, COVID Release Form and Visiting Student Permission Form (if applicable) when making prom reservations.  All forms MUST be completed in order to make a table and prom reservation!


$130 per couple ($65 for singles)  Cost of the prom includes:  sit down dinner, refreshments, Airbrush tattoo artists, DJ, outdoor tent area and outdoor games


Early Dismissal: Friday, May 7 at 11:30 am – Only for those attending the prom!

      Notes for early dismissal are due to the office by Wednesday, May 5, 2021

      Questions or problems: see Mrs. Hecht, Mr. Dellarose or Dr. Palmer


      The prom ends at 10:30 pm, and everyone must stay at the prom until 10:30 pm.  No one will be permitted to go to their car or leave prom early!

      Everyone attending the prom MUST complete the COVID Release Form in order to attend the prom.  You will not be allowed entrance to the prom without the completed COVID Release Form.

      All attendees will have their temperature checked prior to entering the prom. 

      All CDC guidelines will be enforced at the prom.  You must be clear of COVID-19 to attend.  If you are having to isolate or quarantine due to exposure to a COVID-19 case, you will not be allowed entrance to the prom.

      Masks MUST be worn at all times, except when you are eating.  If you are asked multiple times to put your mask on, your parents will be contacted and you may be asked to leave the premises and you will not be issued a refund.

      Everyone will be searched prior to entering into the Grand Ballroom at South Pointe.  Also, people will be randomly selected to use the AlcoBlow. 

      Please wear appropriate clothing.

      No out-of-state residents will be permitted to attend.

      Prom is a privilege that can be revoked at any time.

      If you are told by South Park High School that you cannot attend the prom due to attendance, discipline, or academic issues, you may NOT attend prom.  If you already paid for the prom, your money will be refunded unless it is AFTER April 30.

      You may not bring a guest that was told they cannot attend the prom.

      There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS after APRIL 30, 2021. Final payment is due to the hotel and the vendors by that date.  Please make wise decisions!

P L E A S E R E A D C A R E F U L L Y!!



No guest may be 21 or older or younger than 9th grade.


You must complete the appropriate form which may be obtained in the office or room 214. This form may be turned in prior to purchasing prom tickets or when purchasing prom tickets. You cannot purchase tickets or make a prom reservation without this information.


You must turn in a copy of the form, your guest’s parent’s contact number, and a legible copy of the guest’s driver’s license or photo ID.










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